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Florence Nightingale "The Lady with the Lamp"

For a couple of months I have wanted to write a blog that addresses something that bewilders me every time I see it. It seems the mothers and even grandmothers that promote the doctrine of Hell often are the ones that rend my heart the deepest. Mothers should above all understand the nurturing nature and tenderness of a parent toward a child and they should know by the Spirit, within them, that our Father would never torment the great majority of His children forever and ever. It is their stance for a terroristic angry God that most often causes me to weep and believe me, weep I do.

This indeed is a dark and absurd phenomenon where mothers espouse and teach their children the foulest doctrine imaginable where most of God's children are terrorized and tormented in a pagan mythological place called Hell. I have written and shared insurmountable evidence on dozens upon dozens of my blogs refuting the demonic doctrines of "damnation and Hell" yet there are so many women and mothers who refuse to look at or acknowledge the Truth concerning this subject. It truly is baffling when you think of mothers and woman who are ingrained with a nurturers instinct and nature to refuse the "Real Good News," that God loves and is merciful to all his offspring. This I read some weeks ago touched on and graphically exampled this most bewildering phenomenon. Please allow me to quote it now.

"Did you know that upper class Chinese women had to suffer foot binding for around 1000 years! That was an awful thing to do to a child and woman. Common sense and science should have stopped this practice, years before it was outlawed around the turn of the 20th century. Surely mothers must have thought as they broke the toes of their daughters and bound them under the feet, as pus and blood oozed out of the bandages. This tradition of crippling my child makes no damn sense at all.

And yet generations of Christian parents have tucked their children to bed and reminded them that "they are to love god with all their hearts or he will roast them in hell forever." Surely most must have thought at some time or another This tradition of crippling my child makes no damn sense at all" (end quote)

On a personal note this is a short testimony of my experience of coming up against the unfathomable hardness and blindness the enemy has cast into hearts of some mothers. Decades ago, I shared the great hope of "all mankind saved" with my mother in law, a fundamentalist Christian. I shared because I thought it would give her comfort since she had lost her only son, ten years earlier while he, a non believer, was drunk and driving. I will never forget how she rejected the idea, willing rather to see her deceased son in Hell forever.

That was my first experience of seeing this strong darkness and I was baffled and crushed. I would like to say the rejection of this message has gotten easier as I see other mothers reject the Real Good News but instead it hurts even more today. The positive news is that as we enter the last days of the age, the Holy Spirit has opened up anew and in greater measure the truth of "Universal Salvation" contrasting the doctrine of "Hell." I have seen many in the last few years come to find freedom from fear of a terroristic god and be embraced by Our Benevolent True Father. This gives me new hope and thus I have been tirelessly sharing the True Gospel. I am sure I spend seventy or eighty hours doing this most weeks because I have His Heart and Love for His children, your children and my children.

In closing I want to share some thoughts, quotes and a writing by Florence Nightingale, a woman with a nurturer's heart. Florence is one that truly knew the nature of God as "El Shaddai" which translates into "God, the breasted nurturer." She is also known as a pioneer of modern nursing and a noted author. Before leaving you with her profound and heart felt writing allow me to share a little more of her biographical background,

In 1854 Florence Nightingale took 38 "handmaidens of the Lord." (as she called them) to nurse wounded British soldiers in the Crimean War. This was the first time the government had allowed women to do this. Almost all modern nursing systems and techniques we know today can be traced back to her. During the Crimean campaign Florence Nightingale gained the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp", deriving from a phrase in a report in The Times:

She is a ‘ministering angel’ without any exaggeration in these hospitals, and as her slender form glides quietly along each corridor, every poor fellow's face softens with gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds.

The phrase was further popularised by Henry Longfellow's 1857 poem "Santa Filomena":

Lo! in that hour of misery
A lady with a lamp I see
Pass through the glimmering gloom,
And flit from room to room.

As a teenager, Florence was converted to Jesus Christ, writing in her diary: "God spoke to me and called me to His service." Following are some other diary entries that exhibit her deep love of God.

March 7. God called me in the morning and asked me would I do good for Him, for Him alone without the reputation.

March 9. During half an hour I had by myself in my cabin, settled the question with God.

April 1. Not able to go out but wished God to have it all His own way. I like Him to do exactly as He likes without even telling me the reason.

May 12. Today I am thirty--the age Christ began his mission. Now no more childish things. No more love. No more marriage. Now Lord let me think only of Thy Will, what Thou willest me to do. Oh Lord Thy Will, Thy Will.

Florence kept a picture of Christ, crowned with thorns, in her bedroom. The call to relieve suffering was such, said Florence, that we "dishonour Christ when we do not do our best to relieve suffering, even in the meanest creature. Kindness to sick man, woman and child came in with Christ."

God has through out the last two millenia has always had a remnant that have seen God's enduring mercy and love for all His children without exception. They have faithfully carried the True Gospel to our present age and often with great cost, even to martyrdom. I pray you will carry this wonderful message to your children and should the Lord tarry, they also to their children.

Florence Nightingale Quote

"I can't love because I am ordered-least of all can I love One who seems only to make me miserable here to torture me hereafter. Show me that He is good, that He is loveable, and I shall love Him without being told. But does any preacher show this? He may say that God is good, but he shows Him to be very bad; he may say that God is 'Love', but he shows him to be hate, worse than any hate of man. As the Persian poet says; 'If God punishes me for doing evil by doing me evil, how is he better than I?' And it is hard to answer, for certainly the worst man would hardly torture his enemy, if he could, for ever. And unless God has a scheme that every man is to saved for ever, it is hard to say in what He is not worse than man; for all good men would save others if they could. It is of no use saying that God is just, unless we define what justice is. In all Christian times people have said that 'God is just' and have credited him with an injustice such as transcends all human injustice that it is possible to conceive."

God bless and I pray you were moved by this message to realize more fully the Love of our Nurturing Father.


(some material copied from Wikipedia, Tentmaker,
my freind David and a couple unlisted sources)


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