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Christians, We Have A Problem
With Our "Good" News

Picture yourself as a missionary to the Muslim nation of Senegal, West Africa. The date? September 26, 2002. About a year prior, you befriended your neighbor, Abdou Ndieye, a Muslim merchant. Only a few weeks ago, he graciously accepted your invitation to study the Bible with you. You are thrilled. Abdou is the first Muslim with whom you have begun sharing the Good News.

Today you prepare to explore another portion of God's Word with him, but something terrible has happened. You cannot believe what you are hearing and seeing on the news. The Joola, a Senegalese ferry, has capsized killing almost 2,000 people. You remember Abdou's wife, Astou, and his 14 year old daughter, Fatou, are on that ship. You are in shock and cannot believe - you are seeing—a ship's underside sticking up out of the sea with helicopters hovering overhead. You hurry next door. As you knock on the door, you hear deep groans and wailing. You slowly enter. Abdou is prostrate on the floor. He pleads before Yalla (Wolof for Allah), "Why? Why? How could you let this happen?" He goes into spasms of weeping, beating his hands against the floor.

Feeling utterly helpless, you pray, "God help me comfort my friend."Abdou lifts his eyes, hardly able to recognize you for the tears. "My wife and daughter have died a terrible death! Tell me I will see them again. Tell me they are safe in God's arms! Has your Jesus taken them to His heaven?" You are lost for words. The silence is deafening. "Answer me, Christian, will I see them again? Are they in a better place? Tell me!" You remain speechless. What can you say? Where is the "Good News" when you need it most?

Are you at peace regarding the eternal destiny of your children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends? Are you experiencing abundant joy in your "personal" salvation while unsure if some of your loved ones might suffer throughout all eternity? How is that possible? You see, we Christians have a problem, a very serious problem. The problem is in our belief that hell is "eternal" and that most of humanity will go there. Deep inside we know something is not right, but we suppress our questions and doubts because we "think" the Bible teaches it. What inner conflict rages within! It is futile to find satisfying answers to the problems it raises. For example:

*How can an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God create billions of people knowing most will be tormented in hell forever?
*Why must our free will to damn ourselves be "absolute," greater than God's free will to save us, His property?
*How can Adam's power to condemn us be greater than Christ's power to save us?
*Please do not accept pat answers to these critical questions. Jesus commands us to judge for ourselves what is right (Lu 12:57). What is right about a punishment that never ends? How has this teaching affected the spread of "Good News" - the Gospel? Think about it, an "eternal" hell...
*Maligns God's character before the world.
*Contradicts His unending and unfailing love for all people.
*Makes our worship stem from fear instead of true affection.
*Denies His unlimited power to accomplish His will.
*Makes man's will greater than God's will.
*Infinitely minimizes Christ's triumph over Satan.
*Denies Christ fully accomplished His mission on earth.
*Violates the divine witness revealed in every conscience.
*Negates the most glorious promises in the Bible.
*Ignores the testimony of the early Church.
*Robs us of peace and joy.
*Affects what we become; - like Father like son.
*Hinders world evangelism. (Remember Abdou?)

"Test all things" (1Th. 5:21). Have you tested this teaching? For most of my life the fear of hell stalked me, ever waiting for an opportune moment to raise its ugly head. Just the idea was like a sword slicing through me. It has been the greatest stumbling block to my faith. In fact, I almost gave up on Christianity because of it.

Hell is a horrifying thought. Millions have been terrorized by it. Some have even killed their children to spare them such a fate. If we would truly grasp the horror of it, we would go insane. Our every waking moment would have to be spent snatching whoever we can out of the fire or nothing but constant guilt would torment us. Can you imagine the horror of suffering "forever?" What is a billion years? It is but a second in eternity. Who could possibly imagine such horror? What if you or one of your loved ones should go there? Does this thought affect how you feel about God?

This theme has gripped my heart as it afflicts millions of people and dishonors God before the world. After years of wrestling with this topic, studying the Bible, and reading the works of others, I have found that hell is a judgment given from the disciplinary hand of a loving Father. Though severe, it serves a good and remedial purpose.

One of our greatest presidents agreed. In the book "Abraham Lincoln the Christian", William Johnson stated:

"Abraham Lincoln did not nor could not believe in the endless punishment of anyone of the human race. He under-stood punishment for sin to be a Bible doctrine; that the punishment was parental in its object, aim, and design, and intended for the good of the offender; hence it must cease when justice is satisfied. All that was lost by the transgression of Adam was made good by the atonement."

That is the message of this book. It is indeed good news for those tormented over the destiny of lost loved ones! Millions in our land can relate. Though the subject is hell, the book is really about God. What is He like? Have you heard the cliché: "God is good all the time?" Well you will find solid support for it here. God is good even in His judgments. They are not infinite and horrendously cruel, but just, righteous, and remedial.

If you find I am manipulating the Scriptures in this book, then please leave it. But if not, be ready to fall in love with an amazing and wonderful God!

The author of the book, "Hope Beyond Hell", Gerry Beauchemin has been involved in full time missions since 1988. He is not only an author but a man with a wonderful and compassionate walk in Christ.

Beauchemin is a Dentist that founded "The Dentistry For Missions"
I was in awe as I read the testimonies of what Gerry is accomplishing in the field of missionary dentistry. Here is one testimony and the link to many more:

"I am a medical practitioner working in Senegal. I have known Gerry Beauchemin for 10years. When we first arrived in Senegal it soon became obvious that dental problems were a bigger felt need than medical. This was because the medical system is easily accessible but most people are too afraid and cannot afford to go to dentists who are few and far between. People travel up to 50 km to see me. Dentistry has proved to be a very useful adjunct to our ministry, providing contact with the community and a means to express Christ's love to them.

I have sat under Gerry to add to my skills through his Dental Training For Missions course. Through the course, missionaries with no previous dental or medical experience are taught to provide basic dental hygiene teaching, and learn to recognize and treat dental caries using a state of the art technique for filling cavities which only requires simple hand instruments and easily obtained materials. Students are personally tutored through the theoretical material and given practice on dental dummies before treating the dental caries of real people under supervision. All students are supplied with a full kit which will enable them to fill teeth safely in their countries of ministry at the end of the course..

Dr Richard Shawyer

These are a few 'Hope Beyond Hell' Book Reviews
(yes, I teared up with the first one.
My God such relief, such love! May we ever delight in spreading this message, until all have found relief from the angry God and found a new Love with a God worthy of all adoration.

Hi Gerry,
I downloaded the book and read it. It was one of the best well thought out books I've read regarding the true nature of God and his purpose for us. I lost my son a year and a half ago. I went to an evangelical church that believed in hell. But when my son died he wasn't following Christ. The pain it caused me was unbearable.

I cried out to God to tell me where my only child had gone. I begged God not to desert me, to please tell me where he is. God was so awesome and loving to me. He gave me so much comfort. The thought came into my mind, do you trust me? I gave all my pain to him and he took it, showed me how loving and kind He really is. I began searching intensely, almost ravenously to know the truth….I want to thank you for all your effort. You have been a true blessing from God for me. God Bless You.

Denise McDuff


As I read Gerry Bauchemin's 'Hope Beyond Hell', I cried for joy. This disarmingly simple yet full-bodied presentation of the whole gospel of the total restoration of all mankind through Christ's cross was a direct answer to prayers I have prayed for many years! I have longed to see a book on this subject that is clear, easy to read, yet scholarly--and a book that deeply impacts the heart as well as the intellect. And I'm convinced that this book you are now holding in your hands is it!

Charles Slagle
Psalmist, evangelist, worship leader, and author.


"Friends and family listen to two preachers at the old man's funeral. One of them describes the man as a saint who never did any wrong. The other speaks of an eternal torture chamber and suggests that, most likely, that is the current residence of the deceased. Which is right? after all... both preachers are professionals.... they both went to seminary. The family of the deceased needs peace and comfort... How will these "professional" opinions help them? How will each of them wade through this quagmire of emotions and doctrinal contradictions? How will they get past the monster of religion that threatens to steal their peace... and hope? Is there a book you could place in their hands that could, step by step... present the truth to them that could set them free?... give them peace?... offer them hope?... There is, now! 'Hope Beyond Hell' is the single best book in print that explains the facts of God's limitless grace and boundless love. If you're interested in learning the truth.... here it is! Gerard Beauchemin has, painstakingly, put together a book that truly offers hope beyond hell to every man. Buy this book in bulk and carry a case to all funerals!! This is the book I've been waiting for!"

Robert W. Rutherford
Pastor - Teacher Singer/songwriter, author


Gerry Beauchemin has succeeded in rescuing the Bible from long misunderstood concepts of an angry and vindictive God. His research of scriptural language translation and interpretation is well documented so the reader can follow up personally to make his own decision. Gerry uses scripture to prove that God is completely loving and forgiving and would never condemn anyone to an eternity of endless, senseless torture. Thank God and Gerry for this enlightening book!

Janet Meschi


As an instructor in Church History, in my opinion Gerry Beauchemin's Hope Beyond Hell is one of the most balanced studies available today of the remedial judgements of God, and the great truth of the restoration of all things in Christ. Quite simply, this is a book about the love of God. Thank you, Gerry, for making such a splendid work available for the perusal of the wider church family. Many will be challenged as they "think on these things". Because of their traditions, some will kick against the pricks, but many others will come to "see" Him as He really is, in all of His Glory and Majesty.

Tarryl Miller
Minister of the Gospel
Former President, Bethesda Mennonite Institute of the Bible
Member, House of Representatives (South Dakota), 1980's


"The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto that perfect day." Prov. 4:18.

May we come to know in our hearts, that our God is good all the time,

The Links to Gerry's site and the free on line book "Hope Beyond Hell"

(note) Intro. was fictional account set in the
..backdrop of Senegal's greatest tragedy.

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== Malama pono ==
Malama - to take care of, nurture, or serve.
Pono - proper, right, or correct.
I went to bed this evening and cried out as deep in prayer as I have ever, desiring only to know more of God's glory ...... to see His face. After a few hours of travail where I knew self was being pushed out and more of Jesus was being put in I awoke. Turning on my computer I stumbled almost immediately upon one of my all time favorite songs that is very anointed toward me. Incidentally this same song, effects Joian and some of her girls the same way. Anyway, as I listened I wept, for God was showing me a little more of His face. It also felt like my Father missed me as much as I do Him ....... I speak of the long awaited coming together in the fullness of the Glory of His Kingdom

If you didn't already know, I grew up in Hawaii as a youngster some fifty years ago. There I learned what it is like to never wear shoes, as barefoot was the dress code in school and even church. I also learned a little Ukulele. It was a mandatory subject for all fifth graders. And yes I delighted in learning to dance Hula, which many do not know is also masculine and even a warrior tradition. Lastly, to my father's great delight, I also took up speaking "da pidgin english." He neva like dat (lol). Truly I can think of no where more enchanted, and relaxed a place to grow up than Waikiki during the fifties and early sixties

With my years in the islands I fell in love with the native Hawaiians with their beautiful spirit of Aloha. I believe as a natural race there is not a more happy and hospital people, always engaging anyone that cared to learn of their culture. Sadly, with the influx of tourism and modern means, today the Hawaiian people suffer much as our Native American people do here on the mainland. Epidemic juvenile delinquency, drug use and crime run rampant in many parts of Hawaii. The islands have changed.

With that said, of my background and the trends of Hawaii, I felt led to share the aforementioned song by a revered Hawaiian musician. I hope you might even sense the anointing, as Joian and many others have. This tune is made up of a couple very familiar songs, however I can bet you have never heard anything close to this rendition.

Now you probably won't cry as I did tonight when I listened to it. And knowing that might be the case I found a video of one of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole's last concerts where "estrangements healed" was the order of the evening. With this second song you might get some "chicken skin" as the Hawaiians call it. You may even catch a vision of the next world, where there is going to be alot of forgiveness taking place and estrangement will become a state forgotten.

Lastly allow me share some background, particularly for the second video. Israel actually grew up in the same neighborhood where I lived and played. He later moved to Makaha on the west side of the island where he joined talents with some braddahs (brothers). They formed a band, "The Makaha Sons" and soon, with regards to popularity, they were Hawaii's version of the Beetles. After some years IZ would break apart from the group and as with most band breakups, there were hurt feelings aplenty. In the second video on this blog, the Makaha Sons after many years of estrangement, reunite with Iz and there is not a dry eye in the audience as the spirit of forgiveness rains down, on all in attendance. Preceding his playing and singing, Iz rebukes the youngsters of Hawaii for their wayward ways ....... their drug use, their crimes, their huffing. This lovable troubadour then shares a word about Jesus that is priceless, before the group reunites, coming together to sing in wonderful harmony. As you will see in this clip, Izzy is on oxygen. This is one of his last concerts before he died at the young age of 38, from complications stemming from his obesity. Morbid obesity is a common condition within the Polynesian race.

I pray you hear God in the voice of this Hawaiian angel. Mahalo!


Hawaiian music at its best! Pure chicken skin performance by the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (IZ) at the 1996 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

Listen to this message straight from the heart of Braddah IZ. On the biggest evening for Hawaiian music, the Makaha Sons decides to join Braddah Iz on stage and ho'oponopono (forgive deep) all that had happened in their past. As I watched this broadcast I remember being overwhelmed with emotions. It was basically both sides saying sorry through their actions and voices. On June 26, 1997 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole died.

Your music lives on Braddah IZ. Hawaiian Music lovers I share this one with you all. Malama pono
(From Youtube intro)


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There were the 5,000 who came to see the miracles and have their belly's made full. Out of the 5,000, seventy were sent out to represent Him to the world. And out of that seventy, there were the twelve He explained the parables to, that they might understand the mysteries of the Kingdom. Then, of the twelve were taken the three to bare witness of Himself transfigured in all His glory. Lastly of the three there was the one of whom it is said, "Jesus loved." That beloved one laid his head on Jesus breast.

One of the great hidden scriptures speaking to God's purpose in the Church Age is found at Acts 15:14.

Symeon has related how God first looked graciously on the Gentiles (nations) to take from among them a people to be called by His name. (Weymouth)

and what of this "name" .......
this "Most Glorious Name"

They will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads. And the nations shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory, and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of Jehovah shall name. And they will call them, "The holy people, The redeemed of the LORD"; And you will be called, "Sought out, a city not forsaken." Nations will come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising.
Rev 22:4 & Isa 62:2,12 & 60:12

Let us reckon, it is always the few and not the many that the Father keeps and deals deeply with. Conversely, do not the scriptures tell us that "the many come to deceive the many"

Lord Jesus, keep us in Truth and make us worthy of Your Precious Name. May we never seek consolation with the multitude, but instead the solace and safety in One.



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"God's remnant"

Coming to understand that God always through out the Bible, and even today, has a remnant that He deals with differently and gives greater call and attention to is one of the great freeing truths of His Kingdom. How often I have heard the immature equate the "popular and orthodox belief" as being true and that which is unfamiliar and maybe new to them, being heresy. Without prayer and seeking Him, judgement is often flippantly made concerning doctrine and truth and one usually settles for the comfort of their familiar Deity and religious practices. Such is the common pattern of one that looks upon religious things by the soul/carnal mind rather than by the Spirit.

Often over the last few years, I have often quoted this old line of mine to succinctly express the Truth and principle of "God's remnant."

"Jesus fed the 5,000 and He sent 70 disciples out to preach and He chose the 12 to whom He explained the parables, and of the 12 He was closer to the three He was transfigured before, and yet even of the 3 there was one whom Jesus loved, that laid upon His breast at supper."

This short message below was shared by a dear friend of mine that God used mightily to open up new and deeper views of my Christ along with greater vistas of His Kingdom. After you read this beautiful message I pray you might even take a moment to meditate upon the "remnant" in this account and ask your self whether you are following the crowd, or are you following Christ.

For me, to understand the Old Testament picture of God is that He played numerous roles and dealt mostly with the carnal, fallen man though there were always those that were of that group that he spoke of that He reserved that had never bowed the knee to Baal. He has always had this wonderful remnant, I think, even before the actual advent of Christ two thousand years ago. What He allowed those predecessors to see and walk in I am unclear on. It would take me some time to write out what I feel was accomplished by all the Father did through the Old Testament times but a picture went through my heart recently as I read in some portion of Old Testament scripture of Israel's series of slaughters concerning their enemies around them as they marched through the land. I got a picture in my mind's eye of Israel gathered around campfires following a long day's triumphant battle. Small groups and families playing the tumbrel and harp, rejoicing in their might and victory as given by the Lord. Behind the dancing, celebrating folks in the shadows were piles of bodies not yet burned and buried. Piles of old people, children, women, along with the fighting men they had defeated. As most of Israel was oblivious to the truth and danced on a few of Israel walked through the piles of wasted lives, beat their chests and wept crying out to God, "Is this all we are? Is this true relationship with You?" The Father had planted in their hearts a greater vision and understanding of man's fallen state and their need to rise again. (Roy)

We encourage others to seek Christ free of the clamour and chaos of the organized church with it's corrupt clergy. God in the last days of this age is calling many out of the "harlot church systems" to find Christ outside the gate and away from the camp. Christ is restoring many families through the vibrancy of His Love as they find freedom from the "dead works and bondage of the law" that the false church promotes. Please pray as you come visit us at JH & Christ and if you feel so led, leave a comment. We are not gatherers unto ourselves but desire all to find the healing liberty of a personal relationship with Christ, void of man's carnal institutions and false doctrines.

God bless.



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"Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment" James 3:1

"Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned: from which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling; desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm." 1Ti 1:5-7

"But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers." Matt 23:8

I ran into Doug on an Internet forum some years and I was immediately drawn to him for he was a "no nonsense guy with a hold on the Truth." About a year ago I contacted Doug via E-mail and encouraged him to continue to write. Tomorrow we will visit on the phone for the first time and I am thrilled to learn more of this man of God, who knows well the cost of walking with Jesus. How rare to find such a one, when most seek comfort in religion rather than the Cross of Christ, where it is our life given for His.

A friend shared this prophetic word from Doug Clark's blog with me today and I thought of two blogs I have written here that echo these same words of warning to the church and their ministers. Folks we have entered the Day of Lord and He is separating the sheep from the goats. The tares and wheat have grown up and His fire will not be quenched. For those that know Jesus intimately the Awesome Day of the Lord is a promise long awaited for. For those that have traded Jesus for the comfort of religion it's gonna be a long day.

I pray you truly know Him and have heard in your surrendered heart His promise, that He will never leave you nor forsake you. And if you are a minister, with a title before your name, I would start runnin like the devil. No kidding, because Jesus is coming and He wants His body back!!

May His Spirit within you, give witness to this prophesy and if you know one of these entitled ministers you might copy this word and slip it under his door.

Relinquish All Your Authority to Me!

The following is a prophecy given to Douglas B. Clark:
March 9, 2006

This evening the Lord began speaking to me about His authority. I began to sob as He placed the following word in me.

Why have we built altars to the Lord when He has not told us to do so? We bring our praises and godly deeds and place them before Him on altars that we built of our own accord. The altars are part of the construct we call ministry. We try and build His Kingdom using principles of commerce instead of relying only on the Holy Spirit. We boast in our hearts of the great works and accomplishments we have done in the name of the Lord. We see those who are blessed by our ministry and we think this is all pleasing to the Lord. But the Lord says that the altars that have been constructed were not His doing and He is not pleased with our efforts.

Do you not know that many ministries today are like Saul? They are the result of the people crying out for a king to rule them. “Give us a pastor and a prophet to speak to us so we will know the truth and not be deceived,” they say. Do they not know that the Holy Spirit will guide them and keep them? Do they not recognize that I am their Shepherd?

Like Saul, these ministries have kept a portion of the spoil, claiming to use it to build My Kingdom. They have patterned themselves after the commerce of this world. They have made a business out of My ministry. They have put a price on My truth. They have offered up sacrifices in My name and have moved in the gifts of My Spirit, but they have deceived themselves thinking I have given them an authority that I have not. They think that since I am moving in their midst that My blessings are on all that they do.

Relinquish all your authority to Me! The people who you were raised to serve have come into bondage under your authority. Let My people go! Allow My Holy Spirit to give each individual guidance and direction. You have said that you would protect them from the enemy. You must understand that every child must learn certain things on its own. They must scrape their knees from time to time, and when they trip and fall I will be there to help them stand to their feet. Do you not see that this builds character and strength?

You have brought up a generation of children who do not know how to function on their own. They continue to run to the prophet for the word of the Lord. The control you have placed over the people is not of Me. You have established a chain of command, thinking you were doing a good thing, but I did not tell you to do this! If you continue in this way you will miss the moving of My Spirit. I am going to move in a new way. I will pour out My Spirit on those who ask of Me. It will be an outpouring on the individual and not the corporate. I will bypass the system you have established in my name. The time of Saul is almost over. You will hear reports of My anointing in the most unusual settings and places. You will hear about the two or three gathered in My name and how I gave them revelation, wisdom and understanding. You will ask them, “Who has taught you these things?” and they will answer, “the Lord has taught us.” You will hear about the one who was praying while driving in his car and I touched him. You will hear about the woman in the store who suddenly was overwhelmed by My presence. I am going to do something and move upon the people without your help. I am going speak to the individual who asks of Me. I am going to show them mysteries and great revelations that many who claim to know Me have not seen or understood. I am going to show the folly of all your efforts in My name, for your kingdom building is not My Kingdom building!

I am calling for repentance. I am calling you to humble yourselves before Me. I am telling you to freely give what I have given you for this is the way of My Kingdom. My Spirit and My Spirit alone will make the way for My Kingdom. What I do not provide, you must allow it to fall by the wayside for it is not of Me. Your efforts and your ways are like the armor that Saul offered David to face Goliath. My kingdom will not proceed by the covering you have offered to protect My servants. It will be by the might of My Spirit in the hands of those who have been faithful in the small things. Just as the boy David slew the mighty Goliath without conventional training and weapons used by a seasoned soldier, so shall my young men and women of spirit rise up to see the victory of battle. Their power and authority will bring to shame many who have positioned themselves as great warriors and leaders.

You have not seen the error of your ways. You have intended to serve Me the best way you knew and I have allowed it for a time. But now that time is coming to an end. Repent and turn to Me and I will heal the wounds you have unknowingly placed on My body. Do not be deceived by the anointing of My gifts. Though your prophetic words are true you have misused My gifting and anointing and now I call for true repentance. I am asking for humility like you have never known before. Serve your brother as your equal and watch as I build My Kingdom.

You will see new ministry raised up at this time. I have had many of my servants hidden away with Me and now has come the time I will use them. They have been abiding in My Kingdom and living by My Kingdom principles. They will not seek to establish a reputation for themselves, but their only desire will be to glorify Me. They will not put a price on My truth but will give without measure. They will not appoint themselves authority over My people but will point the people to Me.

This is a time for spiritual growth like you have never seen before! As my people become established in My truth I will strip away the traditions, the legalism, the false teaching and the false kingdom-building that has destroyed so many in the past. As My truth abounds you will see a great wonder, for I will cause My truth to spread from person to person, both here and in other places around the world. Many of the giants in the land that you have sought to defeat will lose their footing as I continue to move. They will be defeated from within and not through political power.

Allow Me to write on your hearts. Hear My voice like you have never heard it before. Ask Me to come to you and I will pour out My Spirit and with the authority of My anointing and you will speak to this one and to that one, reconciling them unto Me. This is truly a day of new things and of new ministry.

Douglas B. Clark

This is the link to Doug's site,
"The Inward Journey"

In our archive here at JH & Christ you may
browse two blogs that echo the prophetic word
above. They are as follows:




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Let Go of the Tahoe.....

I thought to share a neat message by our friend and sister in the Lord, Eliyah. We published this on our "SONSHINE" blog and it thoroughly blessed and encouraged our readers there. With the downturned economy we pray Eliyah's testimony helps you focus on that which endures and is even everlasting. We speak of Christ and His Kingdom.

Let Go of the Tahoe.....

I was quickened of this phrase and felt led to write about an experience that my family had a few years ago hoping it might help someone else with letting go of ‘their Tahoe’.

I smile at the phrase....”you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy”....and I can testify that for all of Father’s sons and daughters this does not hold any truth. For after Father has had His way in one that has been apprehended to BECOME a son.....there will be no residue in the heart of longing for the leeks and cucumbers of Egypt.
The world will be crucified to them and them to the world.

My husband Mordekai and I were married on a Friday night in the Month of May and it was a glorious night....the Lord blessed Houston Texas with the atmosphere of Heaven that night.....for there was no humidity or heat but only the coolness of a spring night with the aroma of fresh gardenia and magnolia wafting through the air.
It was truly a magical night as we danced under the stars.....we even left our outdoor reception like you see in the movies....under a canopy of sparkler’s that our family and friends held as we entered our waiting limo to take us on to our hotel....

I share all of that because that was then and this is now. Oh my! How things have changed......and I wouldn’t want it any other way. That wedding was a symbol of Egypt to me.....for it was beautiful but also vain.......everything in the world is focused on the outward senses......and this is even more heightened when it comes to milestones in a person’s life such as a wedding. Today I have a new dream and that is to renew my vows with my beloved Husband during the Feast of Tabernacles.....the true picture and REALITY of UNION.....of Spirit and Soul married......of BEING ONE in the SON.

Truly, Father has taken the girl out of the country and the country out of the girl for her to have written those words above. It was one thing to leave the country of Egypt but quite another to let the things of Egypt go from me. If I were to list all the ‘things’ of Egypt this blog would be entirely too long but needless to say these things came in all shapes and sizes. During those refining years we let go of everything from my $200 salon appointments, to Kai getting his weekly round of golf in.....of eating out at restaurants ....(mexican usually, smile)......etc. but we were determined to not lose the appearance of the upwardly mobile young family.....and for us this meant keeping our Chevy Tahoe with leather interior and DVD
We would go on to lose our new house to foreclosure, Kai’s job, and basically most of our pride.....but BLESS GOD we still had our Tahoe! Thinking back on this Kai and I laugh about how riduculously stubborn we were about keeping that Tahoe. We have talked about it often because it was literally one of the hardest things to let go of even though it was such a weight/burden to us. We were spending $450/month in car payments just for appearance sake......and this was at a time when Kai was remodeling homes and we were living on every penny with absolutely nothing left over. But bless God we still had our Tahoe.

It never occured to us to sell buy a USED vehicle.....the ghastly horror of doing such a thing never entered our praise the Lord He is faithful to allow circumstances to come into our lives that will force us to see our folly and will then give us an ‘ I’ve seen the light moment’ which then gives us the courage to correct our stupid decisions. Praise His name!

The circumstances that He allowed to happen to us so that we would finally give up the Tahoe involved our landlord’s sudden request for us to move because they needed their home to live in again. Kai’s ‘well had run dry’ as far as being self employed because there were literally no remodeling jobs to be had in the small town that we lived in. So with having zero money and needing to move but having no moving expenses we saw the writing on the wall that it was time to finally let the Tahoe The Lord was generous to us and granted us favor at the car dealership so that we made a nice profit off our Tahoe to help with moving expenses and paying for our first month’s rent at our new home. Little by little.....this is how He teaches us......and scripture tells us that ‘we are given the land little by little’. We also had enough money left over to buy a used mini-van to accomodate our family. That was a story in itself.....for it just so happened that Kai saw this mini-van in the back lot of a mechanic’s shop and asked if it was for sale.....and the owner of the shop said that it was and that he just wanted what he had put into it for repairs....($1,100). The car was worth a lot more than that and Kai wondered why it was so cheap and the owner told him that some people needed repairs on their car but never came back to pay him....and after several months the shop owner was legally able to get the title and take possession......and so Kai was able to buy the car. The VERY NEXT DAY those people called the mechanic shop to see if he still had their car.....only to find out that it had been sold the day before!

If we had waited one day longer to sell the Tahoe we would not have been able to buy a nice used minivan to accomodate our large family. We were in awe of how the Lord worked that out for us. Even the shop owner was in awe of the timing.....and I am sure the people that left their vehicle for almost a year learned a big lesson upon hearing the news that just the day before their car was sold.

We then went on to realize the joy of not having to make a huge car payment every month! All the sudden we had an extra $450/month to spend on our needs. The Lord had used so many things/circumstances to empty us of pride, vanity, selfishness, that we no longer cared about appearances. It has been years since Kai has played a round of golf and in fact he gave his clubs away.....and it has been years since I have visited a fancy salon and spent hundreds on my!!
We knew the death of appearances was complete when after six months of having the mini-van I was in a accident that totaled the vehicle (due to the negligence of another person).....and while waiting for the insurance money to come in we were given the use of a suburban......what I like to refer to as the ‘adam’s family vehicle’ thing was right out of the adams family television show.....or the munster’s.......for it was the biggest mammoth of a vehicle I have ever seen.....and it was the most hideous color (velvet elvis blue with rust all over).....and velvet blue interior with no air conditioning......and for all those familiar with Texas summer heat that in itself is a!
I can proudly say that we were so dead to appearances that all of us as a family would break out in song to the tune of the adam’s family......da da da dant snap snap.....da da da dant snap snap......(except our words were “ their holy and their righteous, so loving full of kindness, they don’t care what you think of them....the Schulz Family”.....snap snap) We even took a victory lap around a very ritzy, shi-shi, shopping mall in an affluent area....we got plenty of stares from onlookers because the parking lot was accustomed to only high-end vehicles.....not those made in the 1980's that have the sound of a Harley Davidson.....rofl.....and it felt good to be dead to this world’s system.

I told Kai on one occasion that I was glad to have the adam’s family vehicle b/c I started to understand how everything is opposite in the Kingdom......and so that must mean that we have one BLING BLING of a ride in Heaven......since we are driving around in such a dump on earth......rofl!!!

May all those that are hearing the call to ‘let go’ be given the grace to SURRENDER to say ‘yes Lord’.....

It is worth it.....for He is worth it!

He will not let you down.....He has only surprises for all those that dare to choose to get out of the boat.

Let go of ‘your Tahoe’.....

All my love,


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have been going through some physical trials of late and as it is with any of these painful episodes, I always find a moment to reflect on what it would be like to go through such pain for all eternity; time without end. I used to erroneously believe that my God and my Father would allow such torment for some of His misbehaving children in the name of holiness and justice. This was the God I was taught, since I was youngster in the organized church. Then one day decades ago I heard of a different Father God who gave His only begotten Son as the Saviour of all men and of all creation. My heart truly sang with this good news! I also cried, "This is a God of love and these preachers and so called Christians have not yet met this wonderful Father God and His beloved Son. Instead, with the help of the traditions of men and the corruption of the carnal mind these church goers have formed a beast of a God, who would allow His children to suffer horrendous pain for ever and ever in a (fictional) place called "hell." What a wonder to escape such a perverted and painful belief system. I am truly thankful everyday, while still saddened to know so many are still caught in the throes of this terrible and fearful charade they call "Christianity."

My prayer and my cry tonight, is for those I love to come out of the foul institutions, wrongfully called churches and find the One True God who proclaims, "99 is not enough" as He goes to seek out and gather the last one. What a wonderful thing to know my Jesus will not lose even one. For His great love will seek out, break and melt the hardest and most contrary of hearts. Oh yes! God's love is truly that great and the blood of His Precious Son washes clean the souls of men on both sides of the grave.

Tonight I was blessed to share with two sisters in the Lord the wonders of resting in the love of such a God. Both have found their way out the gates of the organized church and today they dwell peaceably with their families afar from the religious crowd. Like so many others today, these two dear sisters met the True Father and His Son outside the gate and afar from the camp (Heb 12:12-14) . Today they are free to love as the Father loves, without condition and by the Spirit. They have found rest in a God, so incredibly good and so very loving.

Tonight I dedicate this beautiful prophetic message to the Christ, who lives and loves within and through my two sisters. This beautiful short writing by Elaine Cook was written by the same heart as I have found in Christie and Joian. Oh, that God should give me more sisters that love like these!

We Never Knew Him!

Recently, we heard just one line of a song which grabbed our attention. It was: "Would you expect to find God in a manger?" (Showing His condescension to mankind). We added to that thought; "Why would we think God would inhabit a vessel of clay that His glory might be seen?"
Elisabeth added, "Who would expect to find God on a cross? Would you expect to find God nailed to a tree?"

We stayed quiet before the Lord and He spoke to us: "This is the one thing that the enemy can never duplicate, for the darkness in him cannot permit him to humble himself in any way. By this you may discern the Spirit of God from the Spirit of Anti-Christ."

In recent small happenings in my life I have begun to realize, that though I‘ve walked with the Lord for many years, and known that He is Love, I have not really understood or known the heart of love that He has. These may be small incidents that I will share, but they illustrate the big heart of our Father that we have never fully grasped.

Every Thursday Elisabeth and I drive for a half an hour to visit our post office in Idaho to pick up and send out our U.S. mail. Today Elisabeth suggested that she would like to stop at the Duty-Free Shop to look for some souvenirs to take back home to Scotland. I was casually looking around while waiting for her. I found myself facing a stand with little key chains on it with Canada and its flag stamped on it. Suddenly a name was dropped into my heart: "Joshua." I knew exactly who that was. He is a young lad whose mom phones me from time to time. She is bringing up her family on her own, so this 13-year-old has no Daddy around. Occasionally I send him a little miniature car or train and his mom lets him phone me back to thank me. We don‘t have a lot to say to each other except to reassure each other of our love.

Now, why would the Lord want me to send him a key chain? It is going to be quite a few years before he is going to be needing one (as in driving a car!) Then, I heard the Spirit say: "He needs it now. Put two keys on it and tell him one is the key to your heart. The second one is the key to My heart (the heart of Jesus.)"
I was so touched that the Lord would make such a tender, loving gesture toward this young lad that I had a hard time to control my tears while we were still in the store. Once on the road, I think I must have cried for the first ten miles. My heart was simply broken up! I thought, —Lord, we have never known You like this! We have never understood that Your heart of love is so personal! We always expect You to look after the big affairs of the world and the universe, but to think of Your showing Your love in such a tender way to a fatherless lad, is almost beyond our comprehension! May I say, "We never knew Him in this way." Yet, this is the day when He is breaking our hearts so that He will be able to reveal His heart of love to us in a way we have never known it! Many are telling me how the Lord is teaching them to love with His Love, so it seems to be one of the operations that is being carried out as we enter the Feast of Tabernacles.
A few days after this happened, I was in the shower, speaking words of love to my Lord. My heart was still warmed from what He had done with the keys for my young friend Joshua, when He spoke to my heart,
"Did you not know that I am a Father to the fatherless (and a Husband to the widow)? This was not simply said OF Me. I, Myself, said it; yet My creation knows Me not! I hurried out of the shower and wrote those words down and the Spirit continued: "They know Me not in the capacity of a loving Father. They see Me foremost as a Judge who will bring retribution upon man's every failing. It was I Who permitted My creation to be made subject to frailty and corruption. (Romans 8:20-21). And it is I Who shall bring him out of it! This is the only way that My creation could know Me. They need to know Me by experience, but in the experiencing would I throw them away as trash–as those who have no value because they are not good enough?
Oh, My children, what joy is coming to My Heart as My small remnant is beginning to know Me as I Am, not as man has said that I Am. These have suffered long and have embraced the cross and have found in My sacrifice for them all they need to live a holy life. They have learned to walk humbly before their God and not only before Him, but as Him, in His nature, before all who know not My Love!"

Elaine Cook