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== Malama pono ==
Malama - to take care of, nurture, or serve.
Pono - proper, right, or correct.
I went to bed this evening and cried out as deep in prayer as I have ever, desiring only to know more of God's glory ...... to see His face. After a few hours of travail where I knew self was being pushed out and more of Jesus was being put in I awoke. Turning on my computer I stumbled almost immediately upon one of my all time favorite songs that is very anointed toward me. Incidentally this same song, effects Joian and some of her girls the same way. Anyway, as I listened I wept, for God was showing me a little more of His face. It also felt like my Father missed me as much as I do Him ....... I speak of the long awaited coming together in the fullness of the Glory of His Kingdom

If you didn't already know, I grew up in Hawaii as a youngster some fifty years ago. There I learned what it is like to never wear shoes, as barefoot was the dress code in school and even church. I also learned a little Ukulele. It was a mandatory subject for all fifth graders. And yes I delighted in learning to dance Hula, which many do not know is also masculine and even a warrior tradition. Lastly, to my father's great delight, I also took up speaking "da pidgin english." He neva like dat (lol). Truly I can think of no where more enchanted, and relaxed a place to grow up than Waikiki during the fifties and early sixties

With my years in the islands I fell in love with the native Hawaiians with their beautiful spirit of Aloha. I believe as a natural race there is not a more happy and hospital people, always engaging anyone that cared to learn of their culture. Sadly, with the influx of tourism and modern means, today the Hawaiian people suffer much as our Native American people do here on the mainland. Epidemic juvenile delinquency, drug use and crime run rampant in many parts of Hawaii. The islands have changed.

With that said, of my background and the trends of Hawaii, I felt led to share the aforementioned song by a revered Hawaiian musician. I hope you might even sense the anointing, as Joian and many others have. This tune is made up of a couple very familiar songs, however I can bet you have never heard anything close to this rendition.

Now you probably won't cry as I did tonight when I listened to it. And knowing that might be the case I found a video of one of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole's last concerts where "estrangements healed" was the order of the evening. With this second song you might get some "chicken skin" as the Hawaiians call it. You may even catch a vision of the next world, where there is going to be alot of forgiveness taking place and estrangement will become a state forgotten.

Lastly allow me share some background, particularly for the second video. Israel actually grew up in the same neighborhood where I lived and played. He later moved to Makaha on the west side of the island where he joined talents with some braddahs (brothers). They formed a band, "The Makaha Sons" and soon, with regards to popularity, they were Hawaii's version of the Beetles. After some years IZ would break apart from the group and as with most band breakups, there were hurt feelings aplenty. In the second video on this blog, the Makaha Sons after many years of estrangement, reunite with Iz and there is not a dry eye in the audience as the spirit of forgiveness rains down, on all in attendance. Preceding his playing and singing, Iz rebukes the youngsters of Hawaii for their wayward ways ....... their drug use, their crimes, their huffing. This lovable troubadour then shares a word about Jesus that is priceless, before the group reunites, coming together to sing in wonderful harmony. As you will see in this clip, Izzy is on oxygen. This is one of his last concerts before he died at the young age of 38, from complications stemming from his obesity. Morbid obesity is a common condition within the Polynesian race.

I pray you hear God in the voice of this Hawaiian angel. Mahalo!


Hawaiian music at its best! Pure chicken skin performance by the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (IZ) at the 1996 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

Listen to this message straight from the heart of Braddah IZ. On the biggest evening for Hawaiian music, the Makaha Sons decides to join Braddah Iz on stage and ho'oponopono (forgive deep) all that had happened in their past. As I watched this broadcast I remember being overwhelmed with emotions. It was basically both sides saying sorry through their actions and voices. On June 26, 1997 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole died.

Your music lives on Braddah IZ. Hawaiian Music lovers I share this one with you all. Malama pono
(From Youtube intro)


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