Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let Go of the Tahoe.....

I thought to share a neat message by our friend and sister in the Lord, Eliyah. We published this on our "SONSHINE" blog and it thoroughly blessed and encouraged our readers there. With the downturned economy we pray Eliyah's testimony helps you focus on that which endures and is even everlasting. We speak of Christ and His Kingdom.

Let Go of the Tahoe.....

I was quickened of this phrase and felt led to write about an experience that my family had a few years ago hoping it might help someone else with letting go of ‘their Tahoe’.

I smile at the phrase....”you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy”....and I can testify that for all of Father’s sons and daughters this does not hold any truth. For after Father has had His way in one that has been apprehended to BECOME a son.....there will be no residue in the heart of longing for the leeks and cucumbers of Egypt.
The world will be crucified to them and them to the world.

My husband Mordekai and I were married on a Friday night in the Month of May and it was a glorious night....the Lord blessed Houston Texas with the atmosphere of Heaven that night.....for there was no humidity or heat but only the coolness of a spring night with the aroma of fresh gardenia and magnolia wafting through the air.
It was truly a magical night as we danced under the stars.....we even left our outdoor reception like you see in the movies....under a canopy of sparkler’s that our family and friends held as we entered our waiting limo to take us on to our hotel....

I share all of that because that was then and this is now. Oh my! How things have changed......and I wouldn’t want it any other way. That wedding was a symbol of Egypt to me.....for it was beautiful but also vain.......everything in the world is focused on the outward senses......and this is even more heightened when it comes to milestones in a person’s life such as a wedding. Today I have a new dream and that is to renew my vows with my beloved Husband during the Feast of Tabernacles.....the true picture and REALITY of UNION.....of Spirit and Soul married......of BEING ONE in the SON.

Truly, Father has taken the girl out of the country and the country out of the girl for her to have written those words above. It was one thing to leave the country of Egypt but quite another to let the things of Egypt go from me. If I were to list all the ‘things’ of Egypt this blog would be entirely too long but needless to say these things came in all shapes and sizes. During those refining years we let go of everything from my $200 salon appointments, to Kai getting his weekly round of golf in.....of eating out at restaurants ....(mexican usually, smile)......etc. but we were determined to not lose the appearance of the upwardly mobile young family.....and for us this meant keeping our Chevy Tahoe with leather interior and DVD
We would go on to lose our new house to foreclosure, Kai’s job, and basically most of our pride.....but BLESS GOD we still had our Tahoe! Thinking back on this Kai and I laugh about how riduculously stubborn we were about keeping that Tahoe. We have talked about it often because it was literally one of the hardest things to let go of even though it was such a weight/burden to us. We were spending $450/month in car payments just for appearance sake......and this was at a time when Kai was remodeling homes and we were living on every penny with absolutely nothing left over. But bless God we still had our Tahoe.

It never occured to us to sell buy a USED vehicle.....the ghastly horror of doing such a thing never entered our praise the Lord He is faithful to allow circumstances to come into our lives that will force us to see our folly and will then give us an ‘ I’ve seen the light moment’ which then gives us the courage to correct our stupid decisions. Praise His name!

The circumstances that He allowed to happen to us so that we would finally give up the Tahoe involved our landlord’s sudden request for us to move because they needed their home to live in again. Kai’s ‘well had run dry’ as far as being self employed because there were literally no remodeling jobs to be had in the small town that we lived in. So with having zero money and needing to move but having no moving expenses we saw the writing on the wall that it was time to finally let the Tahoe The Lord was generous to us and granted us favor at the car dealership so that we made a nice profit off our Tahoe to help with moving expenses and paying for our first month’s rent at our new home. Little by little.....this is how He teaches us......and scripture tells us that ‘we are given the land little by little’. We also had enough money left over to buy a used mini-van to accomodate our family. That was a story in itself.....for it just so happened that Kai saw this mini-van in the back lot of a mechanic’s shop and asked if it was for sale.....and the owner of the shop said that it was and that he just wanted what he had put into it for repairs....($1,100). The car was worth a lot more than that and Kai wondered why it was so cheap and the owner told him that some people needed repairs on their car but never came back to pay him....and after several months the shop owner was legally able to get the title and take possession......and so Kai was able to buy the car. The VERY NEXT DAY those people called the mechanic shop to see if he still had their car.....only to find out that it had been sold the day before!

If we had waited one day longer to sell the Tahoe we would not have been able to buy a nice used minivan to accomodate our large family. We were in awe of how the Lord worked that out for us. Even the shop owner was in awe of the timing.....and I am sure the people that left their vehicle for almost a year learned a big lesson upon hearing the news that just the day before their car was sold.

We then went on to realize the joy of not having to make a huge car payment every month! All the sudden we had an extra $450/month to spend on our needs. The Lord had used so many things/circumstances to empty us of pride, vanity, selfishness, that we no longer cared about appearances. It has been years since Kai has played a round of golf and in fact he gave his clubs away.....and it has been years since I have visited a fancy salon and spent hundreds on my!!
We knew the death of appearances was complete when after six months of having the mini-van I was in a accident that totaled the vehicle (due to the negligence of another person).....and while waiting for the insurance money to come in we were given the use of a suburban......what I like to refer to as the ‘adam’s family vehicle’ thing was right out of the adams family television show.....or the munster’s.......for it was the biggest mammoth of a vehicle I have ever seen.....and it was the most hideous color (velvet elvis blue with rust all over).....and velvet blue interior with no air conditioning......and for all those familiar with Texas summer heat that in itself is a!
I can proudly say that we were so dead to appearances that all of us as a family would break out in song to the tune of the adam’s family......da da da dant snap snap.....da da da dant snap snap......(except our words were “ their holy and their righteous, so loving full of kindness, they don’t care what you think of them....the Schulz Family”.....snap snap) We even took a victory lap around a very ritzy, shi-shi, shopping mall in an affluent area....we got plenty of stares from onlookers because the parking lot was accustomed to only high-end vehicles.....not those made in the 1980's that have the sound of a Harley Davidson.....rofl.....and it felt good to be dead to this world’s system.

I told Kai on one occasion that I was glad to have the adam’s family vehicle b/c I started to understand how everything is opposite in the Kingdom......and so that must mean that we have one BLING BLING of a ride in Heaven......since we are driving around in such a dump on earth......rofl!!!

May all those that are hearing the call to ‘let go’ be given the grace to SURRENDER to say ‘yes Lord’.....

It is worth it.....for He is worth it!

He will not let you down.....He has only surprises for all those that dare to choose to get out of the boat.

Let go of ‘your Tahoe’.....

All my love,


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