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Christians, We Have A Problem
With Our "Good" News

Picture yourself as a missionary to the Muslim nation of Senegal, West Africa. The date? September 26, 2002. About a year prior, you befriended your neighbor, Abdou Ndieye, a Muslim merchant. Only a few weeks ago, he graciously accepted your invitation to study the Bible with you. You are thrilled. Abdou is the first Muslim with whom you have begun sharing the Good News.

Today you prepare to explore another portion of God's Word with him, but something terrible has happened. You cannot believe what you are hearing and seeing on the news. The Joola, a Senegalese ferry, has capsized killing almost 2,000 people. You remember Abdou's wife, Astou, and his 14 year old daughter, Fatou, are on that ship. You are in shock and cannot believe - you are seeing—a ship's underside sticking up out of the sea with helicopters hovering overhead. You hurry next door. As you knock on the door, you hear deep groans and wailing. You slowly enter. Abdou is prostrate on the floor. He pleads before Yalla (Wolof for Allah), "Why? Why? How could you let this happen?" He goes into spasms of weeping, beating his hands against the floor.

Feeling utterly helpless, you pray, "God help me comfort my friend."Abdou lifts his eyes, hardly able to recognize you for the tears. "My wife and daughter have died a terrible death! Tell me I will see them again. Tell me they are safe in God's arms! Has your Jesus taken them to His heaven?" You are lost for words. The silence is deafening. "Answer me, Christian, will I see them again? Are they in a better place? Tell me!" You remain speechless. What can you say? Where is the "Good News" when you need it most?

Are you at peace regarding the eternal destiny of your children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends? Are you experiencing abundant joy in your "personal" salvation while unsure if some of your loved ones might suffer throughout all eternity? How is that possible? You see, we Christians have a problem, a very serious problem. The problem is in our belief that hell is "eternal" and that most of humanity will go there. Deep inside we know something is not right, but we suppress our questions and doubts because we "think" the Bible teaches it. What inner conflict rages within! It is futile to find satisfying answers to the problems it raises. For example:

*How can an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God create billions of people knowing most will be tormented in hell forever?
*Why must our free will to damn ourselves be "absolute," greater than God's free will to save us, His property?
*How can Adam's power to condemn us be greater than Christ's power to save us?
*Please do not accept pat answers to these critical questions. Jesus commands us to judge for ourselves what is right (Lu 12:57). What is right about a punishment that never ends? How has this teaching affected the spread of "Good News" - the Gospel? Think about it, an "eternal" hell...
*Maligns God's character before the world.
*Contradicts His unending and unfailing love for all people.
*Makes our worship stem from fear instead of true affection.
*Denies His unlimited power to accomplish His will.
*Makes man's will greater than God's will.
*Infinitely minimizes Christ's triumph over Satan.
*Denies Christ fully accomplished His mission on earth.
*Violates the divine witness revealed in every conscience.
*Negates the most glorious promises in the Bible.
*Ignores the testimony of the early Church.
*Robs us of peace and joy.
*Affects what we become; - like Father like son.
*Hinders world evangelism. (Remember Abdou?)

"Test all things" (1Th. 5:21). Have you tested this teaching? For most of my life the fear of hell stalked me, ever waiting for an opportune moment to raise its ugly head. Just the idea was like a sword slicing through me. It has been the greatest stumbling block to my faith. In fact, I almost gave up on Christianity because of it.

Hell is a horrifying thought. Millions have been terrorized by it. Some have even killed their children to spare them such a fate. If we would truly grasp the horror of it, we would go insane. Our every waking moment would have to be spent snatching whoever we can out of the fire or nothing but constant guilt would torment us. Can you imagine the horror of suffering "forever?" What is a billion years? It is but a second in eternity. Who could possibly imagine such horror? What if you or one of your loved ones should go there? Does this thought affect how you feel about God?

This theme has gripped my heart as it afflicts millions of people and dishonors God before the world. After years of wrestling with this topic, studying the Bible, and reading the works of others, I have found that hell is a judgment given from the disciplinary hand of a loving Father. Though severe, it serves a good and remedial purpose.

One of our greatest presidents agreed. In the book "Abraham Lincoln the Christian", William Johnson stated:

"Abraham Lincoln did not nor could not believe in the endless punishment of anyone of the human race. He under-stood punishment for sin to be a Bible doctrine; that the punishment was parental in its object, aim, and design, and intended for the good of the offender; hence it must cease when justice is satisfied. All that was lost by the transgression of Adam was made good by the atonement."

That is the message of this book. It is indeed good news for those tormented over the destiny of lost loved ones! Millions in our land can relate. Though the subject is hell, the book is really about God. What is He like? Have you heard the cliché: "God is good all the time?" Well you will find solid support for it here. God is good even in His judgments. They are not infinite and horrendously cruel, but just, righteous, and remedial.

If you find I am manipulating the Scriptures in this book, then please leave it. But if not, be ready to fall in love with an amazing and wonderful God!

The author of the book, "Hope Beyond Hell", Gerry Beauchemin has been involved in full time missions since 1988. He is not only an author but a man with a wonderful and compassionate walk in Christ.

Beauchemin is a Dentist that founded "The Dentistry For Missions"
I was in awe as I read the testimonies of what Gerry is accomplishing in the field of missionary dentistry. Here is one testimony and the link to many more:

"I am a medical practitioner working in Senegal. I have known Gerry Beauchemin for 10years. When we first arrived in Senegal it soon became obvious that dental problems were a bigger felt need than medical. This was because the medical system is easily accessible but most people are too afraid and cannot afford to go to dentists who are few and far between. People travel up to 50 km to see me. Dentistry has proved to be a very useful adjunct to our ministry, providing contact with the community and a means to express Christ's love to them.

I have sat under Gerry to add to my skills through his Dental Training For Missions course. Through the course, missionaries with no previous dental or medical experience are taught to provide basic dental hygiene teaching, and learn to recognize and treat dental caries using a state of the art technique for filling cavities which only requires simple hand instruments and easily obtained materials. Students are personally tutored through the theoretical material and given practice on dental dummies before treating the dental caries of real people under supervision. All students are supplied with a full kit which will enable them to fill teeth safely in their countries of ministry at the end of the course..

Dr Richard Shawyer

These are a few 'Hope Beyond Hell' Book Reviews
(yes, I teared up with the first one.
My God such relief, such love! May we ever delight in spreading this message, until all have found relief from the angry God and found a new Love with a God worthy of all adoration.

Hi Gerry,
I downloaded the book and read it. It was one of the best well thought out books I've read regarding the true nature of God and his purpose for us. I lost my son a year and a half ago. I went to an evangelical church that believed in hell. But when my son died he wasn't following Christ. The pain it caused me was unbearable.

I cried out to God to tell me where my only child had gone. I begged God not to desert me, to please tell me where he is. God was so awesome and loving to me. He gave me so much comfort. The thought came into my mind, do you trust me? I gave all my pain to him and he took it, showed me how loving and kind He really is. I began searching intensely, almost ravenously to know the truth….I want to thank you for all your effort. You have been a true blessing from God for me. God Bless You.

Denise McDuff


As I read Gerry Bauchemin's 'Hope Beyond Hell', I cried for joy. This disarmingly simple yet full-bodied presentation of the whole gospel of the total restoration of all mankind through Christ's cross was a direct answer to prayers I have prayed for many years! I have longed to see a book on this subject that is clear, easy to read, yet scholarly--and a book that deeply impacts the heart as well as the intellect. And I'm convinced that this book you are now holding in your hands is it!

Charles Slagle
Psalmist, evangelist, worship leader, and author.


"Friends and family listen to two preachers at the old man's funeral. One of them describes the man as a saint who never did any wrong. The other speaks of an eternal torture chamber and suggests that, most likely, that is the current residence of the deceased. Which is right? after all... both preachers are professionals.... they both went to seminary. The family of the deceased needs peace and comfort... How will these "professional" opinions help them? How will each of them wade through this quagmire of emotions and doctrinal contradictions? How will they get past the monster of religion that threatens to steal their peace... and hope? Is there a book you could place in their hands that could, step by step... present the truth to them that could set them free?... give them peace?... offer them hope?... There is, now! 'Hope Beyond Hell' is the single best book in print that explains the facts of God's limitless grace and boundless love. If you're interested in learning the truth.... here it is! Gerard Beauchemin has, painstakingly, put together a book that truly offers hope beyond hell to every man. Buy this book in bulk and carry a case to all funerals!! This is the book I've been waiting for!"

Robert W. Rutherford
Pastor - Teacher Singer/songwriter, author


Gerry Beauchemin has succeeded in rescuing the Bible from long misunderstood concepts of an angry and vindictive God. His research of scriptural language translation and interpretation is well documented so the reader can follow up personally to make his own decision. Gerry uses scripture to prove that God is completely loving and forgiving and would never condemn anyone to an eternity of endless, senseless torture. Thank God and Gerry for this enlightening book!

Janet Meschi


As an instructor in Church History, in my opinion Gerry Beauchemin's Hope Beyond Hell is one of the most balanced studies available today of the remedial judgements of God, and the great truth of the restoration of all things in Christ. Quite simply, this is a book about the love of God. Thank you, Gerry, for making such a splendid work available for the perusal of the wider church family. Many will be challenged as they "think on these things". Because of their traditions, some will kick against the pricks, but many others will come to "see" Him as He really is, in all of His Glory and Majesty.

Tarryl Miller
Minister of the Gospel
Former President, Bethesda Mennonite Institute of the Bible
Member, House of Representatives (South Dakota), 1980's


"The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto that perfect day." Prov. 4:18.

May we come to know in our hearts, that our God is good all the time,

The Links to Gerry's site and the free on line book "Hope Beyond Hell"

(note) Intro. was fictional account set in the
..backdrop of Senegal's greatest tragedy.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Truly a wonderful blog...and the testimonies were glorious.
I will have to check that book out...
Yes, the day only gets brighter and brighter for those that are OF the DAY.
Those that still are of the night will cling to the things of the night and Hell is one of those things.


Jack Hennessey said...

I am glad you enjoyed that Eliyah.
You wrote true and well with this:

"Yes, the day only gets brighter and brighter for those that are OF the DAY.
Those that still are of the night will cling to the things of the night and Hell is one of those things.

God help us to dispell the angry God and the pagan myth of Hell.


Julie Ferwerda said...

Hey Jack, this is a Universal Reconciliation friend (actually there is a small group of us) down in Lander. We found your blog when we googled "Hope Beyond Hell" which we are using in a home fellowship study group. You can check out my website at: I have a whole set of teaching posts on UR on April 12 under my "OYB" tab. We should all get together sometime. We have only been learning about UR since January. Tell us about yourself!
Julie, Shucks, Darcy