Saturday, February 14, 2009


"God's remnant"

Coming to understand that God always through out the Bible, and even today, has a remnant that He deals with differently and gives greater call and attention to is one of the great freeing truths of His Kingdom. How often I have heard the immature equate the "popular and orthodox belief" as being true and that which is unfamiliar and maybe new to them, being heresy. Without prayer and seeking Him, judgement is often flippantly made concerning doctrine and truth and one usually settles for the comfort of their familiar Deity and religious practices. Such is the common pattern of one that looks upon religious things by the soul/carnal mind rather than by the Spirit.

Often over the last few years, I have often quoted this old line of mine to succinctly express the Truth and principle of "God's remnant."

"Jesus fed the 5,000 and He sent 70 disciples out to preach and He chose the 12 to whom He explained the parables, and of the 12 He was closer to the three He was transfigured before, and yet even of the 3 there was one whom Jesus loved, that laid upon His breast at supper."

This short message below was shared by a dear friend of mine that God used mightily to open up new and deeper views of my Christ along with greater vistas of His Kingdom. After you read this beautiful message I pray you might even take a moment to meditate upon the "remnant" in this account and ask your self whether you are following the crowd, or are you following Christ.

For me, to understand the Old Testament picture of God is that He played numerous roles and dealt mostly with the carnal, fallen man though there were always those that were of that group that he spoke of that He reserved that had never bowed the knee to Baal. He has always had this wonderful remnant, I think, even before the actual advent of Christ two thousand years ago. What He allowed those predecessors to see and walk in I am unclear on. It would take me some time to write out what I feel was accomplished by all the Father did through the Old Testament times but a picture went through my heart recently as I read in some portion of Old Testament scripture of Israel's series of slaughters concerning their enemies around them as they marched through the land. I got a picture in my mind's eye of Israel gathered around campfires following a long day's triumphant battle. Small groups and families playing the tumbrel and harp, rejoicing in their might and victory as given by the Lord. Behind the dancing, celebrating folks in the shadows were piles of bodies not yet burned and buried. Piles of old people, children, women, along with the fighting men they had defeated. As most of Israel was oblivious to the truth and danced on a few of Israel walked through the piles of wasted lives, beat their chests and wept crying out to God, "Is this all we are? Is this true relationship with You?" The Father had planted in their hearts a greater vision and understanding of man's fallen state and their need to rise again. (Roy)

We encourage others to seek Christ free of the clamour and chaos of the organized church with it's corrupt clergy. God in the last days of this age is calling many out of the "harlot church systems" to find Christ outside the gate and away from the camp. Christ is restoring many families through the vibrancy of His Love as they find freedom from the "dead works and bondage of the law" that the false church promotes. Please pray as you come visit us at JH & Christ and if you feel so led, leave a comment. We are not gatherers unto ourselves but desire all to find the healing liberty of a personal relationship with Christ, void of man's carnal institutions and false doctrines.

God bless.



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