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"Be not many of you teachers, my brethren, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment" James 3:1

"Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned: from which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling; desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm." 1Ti 1:5-7

"But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers." Matt 23:8

I ran into Doug on an Internet forum some years and I was immediately drawn to him for he was a "no nonsense guy with a hold on the Truth." About a year ago I contacted Doug via E-mail and encouraged him to continue to write. Tomorrow we will visit on the phone for the first time and I am thrilled to learn more of this man of God, who knows well the cost of walking with Jesus. How rare to find such a one, when most seek comfort in religion rather than the Cross of Christ, where it is our life given for His.

A friend shared this prophetic word from Doug Clark's blog with me today and I thought of two blogs I have written here that echo these same words of warning to the church and their ministers. Folks we have entered the Day of Lord and He is separating the sheep from the goats. The tares and wheat have grown up and His fire will not be quenched. For those that know Jesus intimately the Awesome Day of the Lord is a promise long awaited for. For those that have traded Jesus for the comfort of religion it's gonna be a long day.

I pray you truly know Him and have heard in your surrendered heart His promise, that He will never leave you nor forsake you. And if you are a minister, with a title before your name, I would start runnin like the devil. No kidding, because Jesus is coming and He wants His body back!!

May His Spirit within you, give witness to this prophesy and if you know one of these entitled ministers you might copy this word and slip it under his door.

Relinquish All Your Authority to Me!

The following is a prophecy given to Douglas B. Clark:
March 9, 2006

This evening the Lord began speaking to me about His authority. I began to sob as He placed the following word in me.

Why have we built altars to the Lord when He has not told us to do so? We bring our praises and godly deeds and place them before Him on altars that we built of our own accord. The altars are part of the construct we call ministry. We try and build His Kingdom using principles of commerce instead of relying only on the Holy Spirit. We boast in our hearts of the great works and accomplishments we have done in the name of the Lord. We see those who are blessed by our ministry and we think this is all pleasing to the Lord. But the Lord says that the altars that have been constructed were not His doing and He is not pleased with our efforts.

Do you not know that many ministries today are like Saul? They are the result of the people crying out for a king to rule them. “Give us a pastor and a prophet to speak to us so we will know the truth and not be deceived,” they say. Do they not know that the Holy Spirit will guide them and keep them? Do they not recognize that I am their Shepherd?

Like Saul, these ministries have kept a portion of the spoil, claiming to use it to build My Kingdom. They have patterned themselves after the commerce of this world. They have made a business out of My ministry. They have put a price on My truth. They have offered up sacrifices in My name and have moved in the gifts of My Spirit, but they have deceived themselves thinking I have given them an authority that I have not. They think that since I am moving in their midst that My blessings are on all that they do.

Relinquish all your authority to Me! The people who you were raised to serve have come into bondage under your authority. Let My people go! Allow My Holy Spirit to give each individual guidance and direction. You have said that you would protect them from the enemy. You must understand that every child must learn certain things on its own. They must scrape their knees from time to time, and when they trip and fall I will be there to help them stand to their feet. Do you not see that this builds character and strength?

You have brought up a generation of children who do not know how to function on their own. They continue to run to the prophet for the word of the Lord. The control you have placed over the people is not of Me. You have established a chain of command, thinking you were doing a good thing, but I did not tell you to do this! If you continue in this way you will miss the moving of My Spirit. I am going to move in a new way. I will pour out My Spirit on those who ask of Me. It will be an outpouring on the individual and not the corporate. I will bypass the system you have established in my name. The time of Saul is almost over. You will hear reports of My anointing in the most unusual settings and places. You will hear about the two or three gathered in My name and how I gave them revelation, wisdom and understanding. You will ask them, “Who has taught you these things?” and they will answer, “the Lord has taught us.” You will hear about the one who was praying while driving in his car and I touched him. You will hear about the woman in the store who suddenly was overwhelmed by My presence. I am going to do something and move upon the people without your help. I am going speak to the individual who asks of Me. I am going to show them mysteries and great revelations that many who claim to know Me have not seen or understood. I am going to show the folly of all your efforts in My name, for your kingdom building is not My Kingdom building!

I am calling for repentance. I am calling you to humble yourselves before Me. I am telling you to freely give what I have given you for this is the way of My Kingdom. My Spirit and My Spirit alone will make the way for My Kingdom. What I do not provide, you must allow it to fall by the wayside for it is not of Me. Your efforts and your ways are like the armor that Saul offered David to face Goliath. My kingdom will not proceed by the covering you have offered to protect My servants. It will be by the might of My Spirit in the hands of those who have been faithful in the small things. Just as the boy David slew the mighty Goliath without conventional training and weapons used by a seasoned soldier, so shall my young men and women of spirit rise up to see the victory of battle. Their power and authority will bring to shame many who have positioned themselves as great warriors and leaders.

You have not seen the error of your ways. You have intended to serve Me the best way you knew and I have allowed it for a time. But now that time is coming to an end. Repent and turn to Me and I will heal the wounds you have unknowingly placed on My body. Do not be deceived by the anointing of My gifts. Though your prophetic words are true you have misused My gifting and anointing and now I call for true repentance. I am asking for humility like you have never known before. Serve your brother as your equal and watch as I build My Kingdom.

You will see new ministry raised up at this time. I have had many of my servants hidden away with Me and now has come the time I will use them. They have been abiding in My Kingdom and living by My Kingdom principles. They will not seek to establish a reputation for themselves, but their only desire will be to glorify Me. They will not put a price on My truth but will give without measure. They will not appoint themselves authority over My people but will point the people to Me.

This is a time for spiritual growth like you have never seen before! As my people become established in My truth I will strip away the traditions, the legalism, the false teaching and the false kingdom-building that has destroyed so many in the past. As My truth abounds you will see a great wonder, for I will cause My truth to spread from person to person, both here and in other places around the world. Many of the giants in the land that you have sought to defeat will lose their footing as I continue to move. They will be defeated from within and not through political power.

Allow Me to write on your hearts. Hear My voice like you have never heard it before. Ask Me to come to you and I will pour out My Spirit and with the authority of My anointing and you will speak to this one and to that one, reconciling them unto Me. This is truly a day of new things and of new ministry.

Douglas B. Clark

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