Friday, September 5, 2008


For those that have experienced every kind of revival in a variety of churches and then witnessed the aftermath this short message will encourage you. How few of those that were saved with me in the great Jesus movement of the early seventies still walk with God. There may be but a handful I know of today. The apostate churches with their Pharisaical ministers had nothing but pablum and poison to feed these hungry souls and those that didn't escape the clutches of the harlot church starved and died spiritually. And it saddens me greatly!

Thank God there is however, a tried, true and faithful remnant called by Jesus to meet Him outside the gate and afar from the camp, even bearing His reproach (Heb13:12-14). These are my brothers. These are my sisters. Please read of these precious souls in this anointed writing by Charles Newbold.

The Real Last Move of God

The real last move of God doesn’t need a man to lead it, doesn’t need a band to hype it, doesn’t need a building to corral it, doesn’t need a billboard to promote it, doesn’t need intercessors to pray it in, doesn’t need a TV show or even a microphone to barker it, doesn’t need a PR program to defend it. Can’t take up an offering for it or seed into it, can’t hype or manipulate it, can’t own it.

It has already begun in the secret places of men’s hearts, men who rarely even know one another. It is already taking place in the hidden corners of David’s cave of Adullam where a few misfits and malcontents have hidden out in Jesus and are being quietly shaped into a might army of glorified sons. A few here and there are being knitted together in love whose light, when they cross paths, becomes greater than the sum of the two, or three, or four, or whatever number they are.

It is the light of life, the very life of God they radiate, exposing the darkness and causing turmoil everywhere they go unspoken, but spoken against; loving, but hated by the world; merciful, but treated unmercifully; strong through brokenness; powerful in weakness; mighty men of valor without guile or malice; strong and powerful in the Lord without gender.

Released one by one, becoming two by two, becoming four by four, then eight by eight on an exponential curve. Yes, a movement to end all revivals.

Can’t start it, can’t stop it, can’t own it, can’t harness it, can’t telecast it, can’t alter it, can’t do anything about it. It is already in motion and is bigger than any man or collection of men. It is the coming forth of Zion, the ushering in of Tabernacles the feast of Ingathering; that is, Jesus gathering into Himself His true assembly of called-out-ones.

These are those who are called, chosen, and will be found faithful. Nevertheless, whosoever will may come. Either way, all were known before the foundation of the world.

Charles Newbold, Jr.

June 21, 2008


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