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"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.
Romans 11:36

Everything and everybody that came out of Him is going to end up going back into Him. This is the "Real Good News." Aren't you glad our God loses nothing and all is filled with His glory. That is the "true love of God."

With humility and with much prayer I believe I have my finger on the pulse of God's workings with the world and the organized church. For some time now I have been sharing that we who know the "true triumph of the Cross of Christ" worship a different God than those that espouse a terroristic God that assigns most of mankind to "eternal torment in a place called Hell." Surely this difference will eventually bring about great persecution as it did with Jesus and the early church. You can touch a lot of things in Christian orthodoxy but you dare not touch the "Hellfire doctrine" where "justified payback" trumps "mercy and love."

Shamefully orthodox Christianity for the most part is but another hate religion in a world gone mad. Nominal Christians believe that it is the fear of Hell that causes a man to eschew sin and follow God. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it is the "payback philosophy of God's damnation" that is borne and bred of a demonic "inward payback spirit" ........... a payback spirit that decries the forgiveness of the "seven times seventy" that Jesus taught.

If one holds within their heart a beast of a God, that throws most of his children into the tormenting infernos of a pagan Hell, what does this say about them?

"For as a man thinks in his heart, so he is" Pro 23:7

We are at the end of the age and I believe as the darkness grows we will see the spirits of this false God, with a payback economy, emerge as never before. God help us and more so, Lord shelter our children in your merciful abiding Love.

Last night I was led to visit a site of a friend of mine, that I used to trade thoughts with some years ago. I pulled some material out of one of his articles to illustrate the foulness of this "pay back Hellfire doctrine." The first part lays out some quotes by leaders of the organized church, both of centuries past and today. Lastly we'll close with Seth's message where he asks, "Eternal Torment: Godly Love?"

May God bless you my friend, as you partake of and share the immeasurable depths of His love toward all His creation,

The perpetrators
Introduction: The following quotes from early philosophers and Church Fathers prove where the modern concept of a "Hell of everlasting punishment" came from. The quotes also expose those who are still perpetuating those concepts. The first group of quotes represents proof regarding the originators of the concept. The second group of quotations are from Christian leaders who have been instrumental in perpetuating these diabolical thoughts.

Polybius, the ancient historian, says: "Since the multitude is ever fickle, full of lawless desires, irrational passions and violence, there is no other way to keep them in order but by the fear and terror of the invisible world; on which account our ancestors seem to me to have acted judiciously, when they contrived to bring into the popular belief these notions of the gods, and of the infernal regions."

Strabo, the geographer, says: "The multitude are restrained from vice by the punishments the gods are said to inflict upon offenders, and by those terrors and threatenings which certain dreadful words and monstrous forms imprint upon their minds...For it is impossible to govern the crowd of women, and all the common rabble, by philosophical reasoning, and lead them to piety, holiness and virtue - but this must be done by superstition, or the fear of the gods, by means of fables and wonders; for the thunder, the aegis, the trident, the torches (of the Furies), the dragons, &c., are all fables, as is also all the ancient theology. These things the legislators used as scarecrows to terrify the childish multitude."

Tertullian (considered by many to be the father of modern church doctrine) "At that greatest of all spectacles, that last and eternal judgment how shall I admire, how laugh, how rejoice, how exult, when I behold so many proud monarchs groaning in the lowest abyss of darkness…"

Gerhard "The Blessed will see their friends and relations among the damned as often as they like but without the least of compassion.”

Jonathan Edwards "Reprobate infants are vipers of vengeance, which Jehovah will hold over hell, in the tongs of his wrath, till they turn and spit venom in his face!" "The view of the misery of the damned will double the ardour of the love and gratitude of the saints of heaven."

Charles Spurgeon (Commonly called the "Prince of Preachers" for being a preacher of great eloquence) "I further believe, although certain persons deny it, that the influence of fear is to be exercised over the minds of men and that it ought to operate upon the mind of the preacher himself."

Thomas Aquinas "That the saints may enjoy their beatitude more thoroughly, and give more abundant thanks for it to God, a perfect sight of the punishment of the damned is granted them."

Jeremy Taylor "Husbands shall see their wives, parents shall see their children tormented before their eyes…the bodies of the damned shall be crowded together in hell like grapes in a wine-press, which press on another till they burst…"

Richard Baxter "It is not a terrible thing to a wretched soul, when it shall lie roaring perpetually in the flames of hell, and the God of mercy himself shall laugh at them; when…God shall mock them instead of relieving them; when none in heaven or earth can help them but God, and he shall rejoice over them in their calamity ." – (The Saint's Everlasting Rest” 1846)

Reverend J. Furniss, C.S.S.R "The fifth dungeon is the red hot oven. The little child is in the red hot oven. Hear how it screams to come out; see how it turns and twists itself about in the fire. It beats its head against the roof of the oven. It stamps its little feet on the floor." (The Sight of Hell - Quoted from Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin)

Reverend E.B. Pusey, D.D. "Gather in one, in your mind, an assembly of all those men and women, from whom, whether in history or in fiction, your memory most shrinks, gather in mind all that is loathsome, most revolting * * * conceive the fierce, fiery eyes of hate, spite, frenzied rage, ever fixed on thee, looking thee through and through with hate * * * hear those yells of blaspheming concentrated hate, as they echo along the lurid vault of hell; everyone hating everyone * * * Yet a fixedness in that state in which the hardened malignant sinner dies, involves, without any further retribution of God, this endless misery." (Quoted from Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin)

I believe the words below, of the French philosopher, succinctly echo the Proverbs scripture I used in my introduction; "For as a man thinks in his heart, so he is" Pro 23:7 . It may take a bit, but that which is demonic will eventually manifest itself.

Voltaire "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

Eternal Torment: Godly Love?
Let's just face the question head on. How many have wondered? Why would a loving God make people he created burn forever and ever for not knowing Him or believing in Him? How can a loving God subject billions of people he loves to endless torment? It's a fair question.

Some Christians will recoil from answering it, fearing an offense to God by showing doubt. Others may jeer, rolling their eyes, having heard that one before, and open their response with "Who are you to..." Some may have a thoughtful reply on hand (complete with a metaphor), having worked it out in their minds that it somehow makes sense. They may point to God's justice, as if polar opposite to his Love. They may even suggest that their version of God's justice is more supreme than God's love.

Yet, deep inside, most of us have wondered at some time. Must God do such a thing? Can't true justice be fulfilled without such a merciless act?

It is not a new question. Many non-Christians openly ask the same thing before renouncing Christianity altogether: How can a loving, all-powerful God let people burn alive forever if he does have the power to stop it? Is that love? It seems strange in light of how the Bible characterizes it:

1 Corinthians 13:4-5
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.

According to this high standard, does Love keep no record of being wronged, or does it keep an infinite, never-ending record? How often we resolve that we cannot truly understand the way God loves, and it is better to not even ask these questions. Have you heard that before? Have you said it? Do you understand the way God loves? And the unbeliever goes his own way, bewildered, having been given no satisfying answer from the Christian ministry.

It seems pretty clear that if God were to send people to unrelenting torment for not saying the right words or believing the right thing, then he would not be patient and certainly not kind. He would be keeping a record of us having wronged him. My friends, He would be disregarding the Bible's very own meaning of Love - in addition, failing to save all men, Christ's very purpose in life.

However, if every person is to be saved, nobody is forever lost, and no suffering is eternal, then his death on the Cross would be completely fruitful, and triumphant in what it was meant to do. God would dwell in a fullness.
"Love never gives up." (1 Corinthians 13:7)
Seth Tipton

The rest of this article can be found at this link (below). I also hope you explore Seth's site as there is a plethora of great material exposing the "pagan doctrine of Hell." What a blessing to know Seth is a little past thirty and is part of an emerging generation that have had their eyes opened to the "enduring mercies of God" in contrast to the "diabolical absurdities taught by the organized church."



Seth said...

Jack, thank you for the post and the link to the site. I hope all is well with you. God bless you. :-)

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You bet Seth. I pray you and your bride are doing well.

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