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Yep, at twelve I kissed the Bishop's ring after twenty five other young doofuses had slobbered all over it. Plus the clown in the weird cap, beads and white dress called me by a new name "Anthony." Who the heck is Anthony?

Looking back, I say this proves, that at twelve I was too stupid for Hell.

That is a description of my Roman Catholic Confirmation ceremony. This was my religious experience of "coming of age" and, lest any think it is only a laughing matter, let me say I wrote that in satire to share the absurdity of it all! Today or even tomorrow, should I ever come upon a scene where my twelve year old grandson or granddaughter was bending over to kiss the ring of a man dressed in beads and a dress, while addressing him as Father there would be real hell to pay. Same goes if I should ever find any child paying homage to some pompous ass they address as Pastor! These religious cults, with their dual hierarchical chaste systems, where false apostles, false prophets and self proclaimed pastors rule over the people sicken me in their unadulterated phoniness and corruption. Jesus didn't put up with the religious system of His time as He spoke out, and it is time we do also as the Spirit leads (and it will). Today's harlot church system of Charlatans and Nicolaitans, ruling over a worldly people wanting a "king" and "a go between with God", does not know or worship the One True God. They do not know God, Who came as Christ, for to serve, and died in His service to "all"!

Oh, hear me dear people this thing most call Church is anything but! This false church is the soulish counterfeit that appeases and coddles the selfish carnal nature of man, and she will do anything to keep her reign. The true Church, "the ekklesia" has been called out of the false church that they be not partakers of this Harlot's sins. The true Church seeks not power nor wealth but instead lays down her life in service. She lays her very life down next to Her Champion, Her Saviour, Her Lord and Her Beloved Husband Jesus Christ. I am convinced that the day is approaching when such martyrdom will catch the world's eyes and heart, and all will eventually stand weeping, as they recognize this is Christ come again to lay down His Life in the Union and Oneness of His bride. These are the "two witnesses" that manifest themselves in "death resurrection" ....... the Spirit and the Word .... Deity and Humanity ....... Christ and His Bride. Love by it's very nature needs "two" and when Love is complete the two are One.

Now if you would, please contemplate more lunacy of what many organized churches and their congregants hold as doctrine. The "age of accountability" comes wrapped in an overall theological system called "Arminianism" and it is as foul and false as is it's contrasting counterpart "Calvinism." Both of these systems are fear based and are built upon the cornerstone of Hell and eternal torment. Somewhere in the future we will look at Calvinism with it's "doctrine of reprobate and elect infants" and we will discover an equally absurd, foul spirit that defies and defiles all that is Good in Christ Jesus. For many years I have experienced, studied and observed the "spirit of the hellfire and damnation doctrine." I will unequivocally state, "anything associated with this Hellish doctrine becomes foul, false and full of death. Who would ever want their children any where near such a thing!

Age of Accountability
This is the age at which a child is old enough to understand the moral consequences of his or her actions and can be held accountable for sins. It is also called the 'age of reason.' Though it does not correspond to a particular age for every person, due to differences in personal and psychological maturation, it is sometimes set down arbitrarily as 12 or, in the Roman Catholic Church, 7; the latter convention gave rise to the English common-law presumption that no child under the age of seven could possess the mens rea necessary for commission of a felony. The concept of the age of accountability is not based upon any direct teaching from the Bible, but stems from individual church traditions. A child who has passed the age of accountability is said to know the difference between right and wrong and to be capable of obeying the moral laws of God. Some Christian traditions believe that the age of accountability is the end of a period of early grace (prevenient grace, in Wesleyan traditions) which covers over the sins of those not capable of knowing the moral consequences of their actions. (Persons who, due to developmental disability, mental or emotional development, will never reach a sufficient level of abstract reason, are covered by this grace for life and are sometimes known as 'the innocents.') In Christian traditions which practice Believer's Baptism (baptism by voluntary decision, as opposed to baptism in early infancy), the ritual can be carried out after the age of accountability has arrived ..........


So with Arminianism in which "free will" is king and the "age of accountability" weighs heavy on the adolescent, surely the abortionist should be considered a hero and Andrea Yates' drowning of her five children could be hailed as a heroic act of mercy. Oh, the insanity and deceitfulness of the doctrines of demons that accommodate the horrors of a mythical Hell.
And we wonder why the world scoffs!

(sources: Wikipedia & Tentmaker Ministries)


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