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Seems the volume of the "Real Good News" ever increases as more and more of the whore's children are awakened from the nightmarish doctrine of " eternal torment in hell". There is no greater blessing, than to see one freed from such a foul doctrine to find the "True God of Love, making a family of all mankind."

So it is today, I share some gleanings from a friend, in Australia, who shares a great message. Her name is Cheza and she has a neat blog, titled "Chezandlilly's." I hope you take the time to visit my sister's site at:

Here is some of the fare you will find there:

If one is willing to look, there's substantial evidence contained in the gospels to show that Jesus opposed the idea of Hell. For example, in Luke 9:51-56, is a story about his great disappointment with his disciples when they actually suggested imploring God to rain FIRE on a village just because they had rejected him. His response: "You don't know what spirit is inspiring this kind of talk!" Presumably, it was NOT the Holy Spirit. He went on, trying to explain how he had come to save, heal and relieve suffering, not be the CAUSE of it.

So it only stands to reason that this same Jesus, who was appalled at the very idea of burning a few people, for a few horrific minutes until they were dead, could never, ever burn BILLIONS of people for an ETERNITY!

True, there is a minority of statements that made their way into the gospels which place Hell on Jesus lips, but these adulterations came along many decades after his death, most likely due to the Church filling up with Greeks who imported their belief in Hades with them when they converted.
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