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As believers, the basic dilemma we are ever confronted with, can be simply identified in the question, "is God good?"

Joian's and my friend Roy, aka Reb, is a saint of God that has suffered greatly in this world. Still, with every correspondence, I have ever received from him, Roy would find a place to share the three words, "God is good." If it wasn't in the message it was in the salutation. I am not much of one to mimic others, but with Roy's example, I hope to follow suit.

Beloved, if God has come to you with a great trial of faith, it is that you might understand God is good. 'Tis the great paradox of the Kingdom ...... we come to know the inexplicable goodness and love of our Father God, through the experiencing and being delivered out of tribulation. This speaks even to the whole of our lives, trodden out through a fallen world.

For a surety God is good, even to the sacrificing of His only son for us, in the greatest trial, any has ever known or even imagined. In this God sets the standard of love. It is one thing lay down your life ......... yes, it is one thing, to lay your own life on the altar, but it is altogether another thing, to give up your child's life as a sacrifice. Who amongst us doesn't love our child more than our self. So it is, that all that is dear to us must eventually find it's place, given unto God, because we believe one thing above all else ...... God is good.

Joian coined the saying, "It's his life for ours. We die, he lives, and then the mystery is that we live again."

So it is the same with our children and to believe that for their lives, certainly is much harder. I personally, know what it is, to come to the place, of actually believing this concerning my two precious children. Oh, the angst, the agony and the unbearable pain I suffered before I finally came to the realization, God is good ..... God is good enough, even for my children.

Dear sweet reader, have you given all to God? Have you like our father of faith, Abraham, placed upon the altar even the promise you thought was yours? Precious brother, gentle sister, all that you have, must become His. To realize this, is the path to peace, an endless life and God All in All.

Friends, Joian sent this video to me this morning. We pray it moves you to know in greater measure, "GOD IS GOOD"

For God had such love for the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever has faith in Him may not come to destruction but have eternal life. Jn 3:16

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