Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was a blasphemer when I attended the organized hellfire churches. I worshiped a weak false god, that was afar from the sovereign God, that purposes and plans everything in love. God touched me and opened my heart to His real love. I then began to see the apostate church was not only wrong about hell, but wrong about everything else. Yes, the prideful whorish church counterfeits everything and stands herself at odds with the true bride of Christ. God help the poor souls bound by such falsity while working like the devil to escape a fictitious hell. Help them Jesus, to see that you leave the ninety nine to gather in your arms the very last one. Open their hearts to know, none will be lost, for you are the saviour of all your creation.

Before there was even a creation, the Lamb was slain. Before there was a sin problem it was solved. THINK ABOUT IT FRIEND!

That we should think that hell

is not also full

of love and mingled with compassion

would be an insult to our God.

By saying He will deliver us

to suffering without purpose, we

most surely sin. We blaspheme also if we say

that He will act with spite or with a vengeful purpose,

as if He had a need to avenge Himself.

The poem is based on the writings of Isaac of Nineveh


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