Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had a yard sale this last weekend. I only had to drive one person off the property and it was a local pastor's wife. I believe there is no greater foulness in this world, than that which these hellfire pastor's practice. And because they are one flesh, the spouses of these Nicolatan* preachers, carry about a heart full of putrid pride gained by their hubby's elevated position. Oh, how these ministers ride hard the backs of their congregants while preaching their horrid punitive system of theology, where Father God is made to be a tyrant and a terrorist. Their message, in the simplest terms is, "God loves you and if you don't love Him back, he will torture and torment you for ever and ever. Now get to work and give me your money that we might show Him how much you love Him."

Yes, this self righteous woman, with her emblazoned Jackson Hole Bible College jacket, had to go, but not before I asked her a couple questions. I asked her if she believed in a hell, where there was never ending torment, to which she answered in the affirmative. Next, I pointed to the ski mountain that lays at the end of the block and I queried, "and that mountain is only six thousand years old, right?" She replied "yes" again and began a diatribe on the faulty carbon dating system. You see this woman's husband is well known not only for his belief in eternal hell but also his promotion of the ridiculous "new earth" doctrine.

After my questions, it was then I dressed her down with the statement, "because of these crazed beliefs you hold, Christendom is scoffed at by the world." I then suggested, she find a new husband that made an honest living instead of riding and living off the backs of God's children. The last I saw of this self righteous and proud lady, she was exiting the yard, while yelling over the heads of a throng of shoppers, whom carried a deaf ear to the things of God. The poor souls that came to the yard sale care nothing of Christ. This was given evidence by every one of the Spanish and English Bibles, Concordances and Christian books marked "FREE", that remained on the tables at the close of the sale. God help these poor struggling souls and I know He will. I believe Christ is about to take His bride back from these abusive pastors. And while He reclaims the church, He will also turn the world over, proclaiming all creation is His and He loves every ounce of it! I thrill to think of it!


*Note: “Nicolaitan” means “Victorious over the people; a follower of Nicolaus, a heretic”. It comes from the familiar word “nike”, which is popular in our day. The meaning can be better seen in the phrase: “to conquer the laity” (from “nikos - to conquer”; and “laos” - where our word “laity” comes from).
Rev 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.


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